Trembles is one of the villains from Naughty Bear and is a dealer.


Episode 5Edit

Trembles returns to Perfection Island and is cheered for his return. He is guarded by E.L.I.T.E. Guards as his bodyguards. He then shows his plan to kill Naughty and use his hut as a oil drilling area. Naughty oversees this and plans to punish Trembles before he can do it. Naughty successfully kills Trembles.

Paradise IslandEdit

Trembles is the 5th target on Naughty's hit list. He is making a deal with a Greaser to get exclusive oil drilling over Paradise Island and he has an E.L.T.E. Guard to stop Naughty from messing up the deal.

Naughty must kill Trembles with the gas pipe and set it on fire. He soon dies and his deal stops.


Trembles is an easily scared bear in the description of his name. He wields a hat and enjoys oil drilling.