The STAG symbol

STAG AKA the Special Tactical Anti Gang Unit is a type of Law Enforcement and its Primary Objective in Steelport is to bring the Saints to justice and defeat them.


Ambushing the SaintsEdit

The STAG infiltrated Steelport and caused the Protaginiest, Viola DeWynter and Oleg to take cover inside a nearby building. The soldiors of STAG attempted to elimanate the Saints within the building and used many tactics when they got to the top such as summoning VTOL's.

The Saints escaped the building and went to go to Saints HQ for saftey. The Saints barricaded themselves within their Head Quarters and escaped the STAG presance.

Guarding NightbladeEdit

The Saints wanted to capture Nightblade so they disguised themselves as Movie Actor's and passed through STAG to get inside the building. STAG soldiors guarded Nightblade but failed their mission as Nightblade was captured and brought to Saint HQ.

Attacking Saints HQEdit

STAG wanted to bring back Nightblade so they assaulted the Saints HQ. VTOL's, N Forcers and the Crusader were used as well as STAG soldiors infiltrating the building. Leader of STAG, Commander Cyrus Temple, met up with the Protaginiest to make a deal.

Cyrus promised he would leave the building alone if Nightblade would be returned. This then introduces a new choice: Keep Nightblade or return Nightblade to STAG.

Assault on ThermoplyeaEdit

A STAG giant carrier called "Thermoplyea" needed to be destroyed and Shaundi needed to be saved so the leader of the Saints disgused himself as Cyrus Temple and pretended both Viola and Peirce were prisoners. The Saints went to the boat and the Saints were taken to the cells.

Kia soon found out Cyrus was the Protaginiest and the destruction of the boat began. All the Saints escaped the ship but the Carrier was destroyed and Kia escaped but the rest of the STAG members died.

Fighting the LuchadoresEdit

STAG battled the Luchadores within Steelport and the Saints needed to stop this in order to prevent the City from being ripped apart. The Saint leader killed many enemies from both Luchadore and STAG, but then was informed that Killbane was about to escape Steelport and Kia had most of the Saint members hostage.

If the player chooses to elimanate Killbane, Kia will destroy the tower, killing herself along with the Mayor, Shaundi and Viola. But if the player chooses to Save Shaundi, you must elimanate the bombs upon the tower which is guarded by STAG. Kia eventually will get killed and the STAG will be ordered to leave Steelport.