Proffessor B Brightness

Proffessor B Brightness

Proffessor B Brightness is a villain from Naughty Bear and is Fluffy's mentor.



Naughty targeted Fluffy as his 6th target for created a portal to the Quantum. Brightness is seen throughout the area and is found in the warehouse with the toxic barrel.

R0B0 PR1M3 Mk.IVEdit

Brightness has upgraded himself after his previous defeat from Naughty. The Proffessor directs three of his minions while R0B0 PR1M3 Mk.IV walks around the area nearby the Proffessor. He eventually dies getting in the way of Naughty Bear.


Brightness is the final target on Naughty's hit list and his upgraded himself to face Naughty. He is co creator of the Anti Naughty Bears and created toys for the other Bears. The Proffessor must be thrown into a hidden portal to propely punish him.


Brightness is a mad scientist who happens is wise to upgrade himself after being murdered by Naughty.