Private Kurtz

Private Kurtz

Kurtz is a villain from Naughty Bear and is one of the Private Bears from the Army.


Episode 3Edit

Kurtz is one Army Bears who is ordered to put Camrea on their heads. Naughty overhears Cozy's plan to spy on Naughty, so he decides to punish Cozy for violating his privacy. Kurtz may have been killed by Naughty.

Episode 4Edit

Private Kurtz, under the orders of Colonal Ketchup, goes to Perfection Island to elimanate the UnTed and defend Nibbles along with other Bear Civilians. Naughty goes to punish Nibbles for making the mistake of releasing the Zombears. But he first must get passed Ketchup, Kurtz and the rest of the Army Bears.

Paradise IslandEdit

Private Kurtz is one of the Army Bears who guard the Spa, while Naughty targets Cozy. Kurtz is soon murdered by Naughty's paws along with the rest of the Army Bears.


Kurtz is a brave soldior who is able of fighting off the Zombears with an Oozy. He, though, is rather useless unless Naughty helps him in combat.