Nibbles is one of the villains from Naughty Bear and is a Chef who cooks some fantastic food.


Episode 4Edit

Nibbles invites three bears to come over and give them a fun cooking lesson. But after reading the wrong cooking book, the UnTed is unleashed from the ground. Then Colonal Ketchup and the Army Bears come to the Island to defend Nibbles.

Naughty goes after Nibbles to punish him for his big mistake. After fighting through the Army and Zombears, Nibbles is eventually killed and punished.

Paradise IslandEdit

Nibbles is the 9th target on Naughty's hit list. The Narrator informs Naughty that Nibbles is in charge of making a fiest and is not giving Naughty any. To propely punish Nibbles, Naughty must use the Cooky Cutter Machine to kill him. This happened, and Nibbles died for the second time.