The Morningstar symbol

Morningstar is one of the three gangs that are part of the Syndacate, and it's main colour is Red. They are made up of males in suits, female strippers with coats and bald men with Snipers.


Saints in SteelportEdit

The Saints robbed a Morningstar bank and escaped a Morningstar plane only to land in Steelport. The leader of the Syndacate, Philipine Loren, ordered the gangs to elimanate the Saints. 

Capture of PentyhouseEdit

The Morningstar began a party within a Pentyhouse, and the Saints needed place to stay so they started an assault on the Morningstar to capture the Pentyhouse. The leader of the Saints grabbed and interrogated a Morningstar Luitenant to find out the code of an elevator.

The Saints cleared out most of the Morningstar but discovered a bomb has been armed and another Luitenant is attempting to escape from the building via helicopter. The Protaginiest went to chase after the Luitenant and interrogate him while Shaundi and the Saints clear out the Morningstar gang within the Pentyhouse.

Killing the leaderEdit

The Saints downloaded intel from the Manager's computer and attacked the Morningstar's powderhouse. The Saints befriended a friendly Brute called Oleg, and went to execute Loren before he escapes. Loren went down an elevator, so the Protaginiest grabbed hold of a ball and defended himself from Morningstar attacker's. 

The ball eventually snapped and went to land on the ground but a Brute attacked the ball. The Brute was stopped and the ball crushed Loren Philipine, avenging Johnny Gat's death.