Matt Miller

Matt Miller

Matt Miller is one of the villains from Saints Row and is leader of the Deckers gang.


Saints in SteelportEdit

The Saints account were drained by Matt Miller who hacked them and since the Saints captured the Pentyhouse, Miller thought the Saints of trouble. He passed a tape to Philipine Loren which showed a video of a Morningstar being killed by the Protaginiest.

Killbane on NewsEdit

The Deckers guarded the signal towers and the warehouse. Matt Miller hacked the helicopter that the Saints where in to stop their assassination of Killbane.

Final battleEdit

Matt Millers avatar fought the Protaginiest within the Virtual World and he was defeated. He was spared though as they had a deal.


"The Saints arn't going to back down..."

"With respect sir, I would say empty noises is not acclipabl"

"I literally have the world at my fingertips"

"Thanks for the tip Agent Kensignton"

"Ladies, it was a pretty sh*t plan."


"I may exist in the meat space, but I live in Cyber space"

"Don't you get it? I'm god here!"