Goober is one of the villains from Naughty Bear and is a Black Knight.


Episode 2Edit

Along with Sunbeam, Goober shouts through a speaker to let Perfection Island that Chubby is running for Mayor. 

Episode 4Edit

Goober is one of the three bears that goes over to Nibbles for a cooking lesson with Daddles and Pudding. But he cannot be found the level unlike Daddles and Nibbles.

Episode 5Edit

Goober is one of the bears who greet for Trembles return. He listens to Trembles plan of how he'll get rid of Naughty and turn his hut into a oil drilling area.

Paradise IslandEdit

Goober is the 3rd target on Naughty's hit list. Goober is throwing a costume party and Naughty goes to punish Goober. Naughty must steal a Costume from one of the Bears and choke Goober in the woods to shut him up for good.