General Treacle

Treacle from NB

Treacle is a villain from Naughty Bear and is General of the Army Bears. Unlike Colonal Ketchup, he does not appear in the first Naughty Bear game but appears in the second.


Cozy's planEdit

Treacle and Ketchup was sent to Paradise Island to meet up with Cozy. His clothes was stolen by Naughty to disgusise himself as a General. Naughty then seeked to get rid of Cozy with the cannon and succeeded in destroying Cozy.

Paradise IslandEdit

Treacle wanted relaxation at the Island, and he became tired of fighting and war. As told by the Narrator, Naughty had to drive the General to insanity and make him committ suicide. He eventually died by his own paws as he was pushed to the egde.


Treacle appears to be a very old bear, as Ketchup consistanly shouts to talk to him. Treacle wields an extremley powerful pistol to fight and is able of killing Naughty with 2 gunshots. He soon became tired of the war and wished to relax upon Paradise Island within the War Heroes Spa.