Cyrus Temple

Commander Cyrus Temple

Cyrus is a villain from Saints Row and is leader of STAG.


Terrorising SteelportEdit

Cyrus and STAG invaded Steelport City to elimanate the Saints, who he believes as terrorists. So, Policeman will be replaced with STAG soldiors. After the Saints made many victories over STAG, Cyrus went war with the Luchadores Gang.

Fighting the LuchadoresEdit

The Saints wanted to stop STAG and Luchadores from destroying the City by elimanating many of the members. After the battle, Cyrus and STAG fleed away from Steelport.


Cyrus planned to release a nuke onto the world but Saint members went to the location to end the plan. The Protaginiest chased down Cyrus and fought him. Though, the Protaginiest shot Cyrus and he fell off the bars into the lava. Cyrus died and his nuke was disabled.