Cop Gordon

Cop Gordon from Naughty Bear

Gordon is lead member of the FUZZ and is one of the villains in Naughty Bears.


Perfection IslandEdit

Gordon can be summoned at anytime when Bears call for help. He uses a Magnum Revolver to elimanate Naughty and defend the Bear Civilians of Perfection Island.

Episode 10Edit

Naughty was invited to a party and both Gordon and Bubbles were there. The two called in X Bears, led by Danger Clark Bear, to get rid of Naughty. The mission failed though as both Bubbles and Gordon were executed and Naughty escaped.

Paradise IslandEdit

Gordon wanted to spend the rest of his days at Paradise Island for some relaxation. Gordon says he wants to get away from "The Menace That is Naughty Bear" as he puts it. 

The Narrator requests Naughty to retire him for life. Naughty was to kill him with his own magnum, and he was to make sure Gordon knows its him. Naughty confronted Gordon and gunned down the cop.


Gordon seems to be an old bear, like General Treacle, and is lead member of the FUZZ. Thanks to the looks of his outfit, the Police rank of him seems to be a Sergeant. In Panic in Paradise, he is now Chief of the Police.