Colnal Ketchup

Col. Ketchup from Naughty Bear

Colonel Ketchup is a Villain from Naughty Bears, and works with General Treacle and Cozy. 


Episode 3Edit

Col. Ketchup was sent to Perfection Island with a full squad of Army Bears to meet Cozy. He was given orders by Cozy to put Camreas on his own and his men heads. This was done to spy on Naughty, but Naughty soon discovered their plan and went to punish Cozy for invading his privacy. Cozy was eventually killed after Naughty fought through the Army Bears including the Colonel.

Episode 4Edit

After the UnTed was unleashed, Colonel Ketchup along with the squad was sent to Perfection Island to complete their rescue mission. Their mission was to elimanate the Zombears and protect Nibbles from Naughty and the UnTed. Ketchup's mission failed though as Nibbles was executed by Naughty for his mistake.

Cozy's planEdit

Ketchup and General Treacle was sent to Paradise Island to meet up with Cozy again. The Army has built a Super Cannon to destroy Naughty's hut and Cozy was used for the coordinates to the hut. Naughty wanted to stop the plan and elimanate Cozy for trying to complete their mission. Treacle's clothes were stolen as Naughty disguised himself as a General to trick Cozy. Cozy then was shot out of the Cannon and he got killed. 

Paradise IslandEdit

Ketchup wanted to relax at Paradise Island, and got many Army Bears to protect him while he enjoys the vacation. The Narrator told Naughty to get one of the Army Bears to kill their superiror, Colonel Ketchup. The plan succeeded and Ketchup was terminated in the way he wanted.


Col Ketchup from PiP


There is not much about Ketchup apart from his quite a brave and skilled soldior. He must be well in combat if his a Colonal, General Treacle's second in command. Out of all the Bears, Ketchup seems to be the best aimer with guns and is extremley couraging for defending the Bear residents from Zombears.