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Albert Wesker

Wesker is a villain from Resident Evil and is an artificial human.


Early lifeEdit

Wesker had parents which had superior genes, and was part of the Wesker Children. He possessed many great skills that grabbed the attention of Ozwell E Spencer. At the age of 17, Wesker joined the Umbrella Corporation and was secretly overwatched by Spencer himself. Wesker soon became a researcher at the management training Facility working under the commands of James Marcus in 1977. There he befriended William Birkin, but he soon became a rival to him as well. The two researchers were the most trusted students of Marcus. When the facility shut down, Wesker and Birkin were transferred to Arklay Moutains and continued their research of the T Virus for 13 years.

Wesker and William went through 3 stages of the a T Virus to complete the Tyrant in 1988. They then recieved orders to assassinate James Marcus and William will take over the G Virus. They elimanated him, and Wesker became suspicous of the President of Umbrella, Spencer, and requested a transferr to Umbrella's intelligence Burea.