Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is a non fictional villain during World War 2 and leader of the Nazi Party.


Early lifeEdit

Hitler was born on 20th April 1889, in an Australian-Germany border. His father was a customs official and he looked up to his mother. He left School at the age of 16 without qualifications and struggled life as a Painter in Veinna. He then began extreme political and racial ideas.

World War 1Edit

During 1913, Hitler was in the German Army and was wounded during a battle. He then joined the facist German Workers Party during 1919. He promised an extremist remedies to Germans Post War and others blamed the Jews and Bolshievsks. He then was elected the leader of the Nazi Party.

World War 2Edit

In 1923, Adolf attempted an unsuccessful armed uprising and was imprisoned for about 9 months. He dictated his book "Mien Kampf" outlining his political ideologily. On his release out of prison, he planned to rebuild the Nazi Party he once led. To get a message across, he used new techniques of mass communication backed up with violence. Hitler was elected Chancellor of the coalition goverment in 1932. He soon took dictorital powers and made Anti Jew laws. He soon then allied with Japan and Itality, this led to World War two.


Hitler successed in invading Poleland during 1939. He had successfull military victories over Denmark, Norway and Western Europe.